Predators  Royce awakes to discover that he’s fallen into a remote jungle. There are others in the same situation who are feeling the same like him: Cuchillo (los Zetas cartel enforcer), Spetsnaz soldier Nikolai, Isabelle (IDF sniper Isabelle), Mombasa RUF Officer Mombasa, and San Quentin death row prisoner Stans. Hanzo is an active Yakuza member as is Edwin is a general physician doctor. However, no one is aware of where they are or what they are doing.

Isabelle is convinced that Royce is a former Black Operations soldier who has turned to a merchant. In the jungle , they find the strangest statue of a plant that contains the neurotoxic poison Edwin takes out with scalpels and cages that are empty, and deadfall traps that were set by a dead Green Beret. They climb higher before they spot an unimaginably vast sky.

Quadrupeds from another planet attacks the human group. Royce concludes that they are out to take human beings down. Only one person that survived was able defeat the Predator.

Ronald Noland, a U.S. Air Cavalry soldier, is spotted by the team.

Noland is able to trap the other prisoners and tries to use smoke in order to kill the prisoners. He plans to bring them all down for their gear. Royce employs explosives to draw the Predators into the hideout. Noland is killed by the Tracker Predator who allows the group to escape. Nikolai is able to kill the Tracker with two claymore mines. Stans also commits suicide. The other members are able to escape, however Stans kills them all. Hanzo stays behind to fight the Falconer Predator using the Katana He found it in Noland’s hideout. Then, he dies from the wounds he suffered.

Royce, Isabelle, and Edwin continue to head for the Edwin, Royce and Isabelle continue to pursue the super Predators and their camps, hoping to carry out Royce’s plan until Edwin is injured in an imprisonment. Royce and Isabelle abandon one another after Isabelle is unable to comply with his request to be removed. They are snatched by the Berserker who locks them in a pit before returning towards the camp. Royce liberates the imprisoned Predator to take them to Earth. The Predator wears armor and hacks into Super Predators’ ship with his wrist computer. The computer plots the course towards Earth. Royce sprints towards the ship, when the Berserker arrives and the two Predators fight each other. The Berserker knocks down the smaller Predator and kills him making use of his wristcomputer to destroy the ship. Edwin poisons Isabelle with neurotoxic poison. The Berserker is believed to have killed Royce. He confesses to being an infamous serial killer on Earth and will remain there.

Royce booby traps Edwin with grenades, and then uses him to lure him. Isabelle and Royce head to the forest in search of an escape way out of the “horrible planet”.


Predators (2010) มหากาฬพรีเดเตอร์

Predators 2010