Crimson Peak (2015) ปราสาทสีเลือด

Crimson Peak Buffalo, New York 1887. American Heiress Edith Cushing, the daughter of a wealthy businessman Carter Cushing. Edith’s ghost, a dark and disfigured ghost of her mother, comes to visit her at night. She warns her to be wary of Crimson Peak.

Edith who is now an aspiring writer is introduced to Sir Thomas Sharpe in 1901. Sharpe is an English baronet as is his sister Lucille. Sharpe is seeking investors to finance his idea of a digging device that he hopes will bring back the clay mines that lie that are located on the estate of his family. Sharpe’s idea and his inability to raise capital before have left Mr. Cushing unimpressed and he dismisses the idea. Thomas is able to charm Edith who was initially resistant, and they soon begin to be romantically involved. Thomas is able to convince Lucille to gift him her engagement ring. It’s an heirloom from the family, and she offers to Thomas under the condition that it be returned to her. Crimson Peak HD

Cushing is not a fan of the Sharpes, and employs Mr. Holly as a private investigator. Holly uncovers some shocking information regarding the siblings. They are then coerced by Mr. Cushing to leave America. Cushing also demands that Thomas “break Edith’s heart” and prompts Thomas to criticize Edith’s novel. Thomas returned Edith’s novel the following day, along with a note explaining the actions he took. Edith accepts Thomas’s offer and the couple reunite. The same day the following day, Mr. Cushing was brutally killed at his club. Edith declines the Dr. Alan McMichael’s plea to look into the incident further.

Following the funeral, Edith gets married to Thomas and they depart to England. They land at Allerdale Hall in Cumberland. The Sharpes mansion, which is crumbling, is sinking slowly into the Red Clay mine it is on top of. The mansion is constantly being destroyed by the elements. Lucille appears cold to Edith and Thomas, while Thomas is distant physically and their relationship isn’t shattered. Lucille drinks tea made of “firethornberries” in a maniacal way and Thomas convinces Edith to purchase the first part of her father’s estate so that he can continue to build his miner. As winter draws near, Thomas mentions that the estate was dubbed “Crimson Peak” due to the red warm clay that was able to penetrate the snow. The siblings talk about the brutality of their father and robbed the fortune of their family, and their mother was distant and cruel.

Edith starts to vomit blood and weakens. Edith has a series of terrifying nightmares. She is able to see the ghosts of skeletal, red skeletons in Allerdale. The ghosts tricked her into opening the closet, where she discovered wax Phonograph Cylinders. They chased her down to the cellars, where she discovered an unlocked trunk with “Enola” on it.

Thomas takes Edith along to the local post office. The clerk hands Edith an unsigned letter from Italy addressed to E. Sharpe. Thomas and Edith stay the night in the snow, and then fall in love. Lucille is furious with Edith who isn’t sleeping with Thomas when they come back.

Lucille’s key is inscribed “Enola” and Edith uses it whenever Lucille is distracted. Edith uses it to open the trunk of the cellar. Edith also finds an gramophone which she could utilize to play the wax cylinders that are in the closet. The letter and the post office indicate that Thomas was previously married to three women of wealth including Enola Sciotti, who is Italian. Edith finds out that Lucille has poisoned Edith and that her siblings are involved in “marriage-and-murder” plans to help their own interests as well as fund Thomas his inventions. Edith confronts her sister and husband who is in law, however Lucille is able to catch them in a passionate embrace. Lucille is pushed by Edith off a balcony to try and take her life but she is only able to break her leg.

In America, Alan discovers what Mr. Cushing discovered about Sharpes prior to his death: Thomas’s multiple marriages, as well as Lucille’s stint in a mental institution. To help Edith the girl, Alan travels to Allerdale Hall during winter. Alan arrives and finds Edith injured. Lucille, however, isn’t willing to allow him to take Edith back to her village. Thomas is now deeply in the love of Edith and is feeling trapped by Lucille. Thomas wants to get rid of her. Lucille is then seen slashing Alan underarm, and demands that Thomas finish the job. To defend Edith, Thomas inflicts an accidental, but not fatal stabbing wound to the stomach of Alan. Then, he covers him up. Lucille is able to make Edith sign an agreement to transfer the Sharpes the full title to the estate. Edith also confesses to killing Thomas and his wives. She also confesses to having had an infant with Thomas however, it passed away shortly after the birth. Edith’s father was also killed by Edith’s mother, and Edith’s father was also discovered to be engaged in sexual relations with Thomas. Edith angry, she attacks Lucille with her pen and then tries to escape. Thomas ignites the transfer, and asks Edith to join Thomas, in order to begin a new journey. Lucille quickly realizes that Thomas would like Edith to join Thomas. In a jealousy-driven way she kills him with the knife, and then pursues Edith. Edith kills Lucille with a shovel using Thomas ghost serving to distract her. Edith quietly bids Thomas goodbye before he vanishes.

Edith and Alan are saved by the village. Lucille is made the ghost of the night at Allerdale Hall and can stay in the mansion and play the piano till the end of the world. The credits at the end indicate that Edith composed Crimson Peak based on her personal experiences.